Whether you’re in need of a simple press office function, company profiling, have a new venue or brand to launch, or want to connect with partners and influencers, we can tailor our services to meet your requirements. Check out the icons below to find out more about how we can help.


Press releases, web copy, newsletters, reactive statements…and beyond. Just give us the brief and we’ll bring your messages to life, engaging and exciting your audience in a concise manner.

Press Office

From handling press enquiries and creating PR calendars, to reacting quickly to news, we will take care of all press liaison, ensuring journalists are fully up to speed on your brand, venue or service.

Events Management

Clipboards at the ready! Launch parties, press dinners, VIP press trips and social events galore! Let us plan, manage and execute your next shindig.

Media Relations

With contacts across broadcast, national, consumer, trade and online publications, we’ve got the connections to get your story and news into the hands of the right people, at the right time.

Strategy & Planning

Enlist our help to ensure your communications are creative, strategic, and impactful, whilst resonating with your audience and staying true to your brand.

Local Marketing

From placing a simple advert and identifying key stakeholders, to ordering a local business database – just give us the word and we can take charge of your local marketing tactics.

Crisis Communications

Crises need to be handled with care, ensuring you are being socially responsible and putting customers and stakeholders at ease. No matter what the issue, let us protect and defend your business at a time of need.

Social Media

Strategy, content creation and community management – we can build your social presence and get people showing the love for your brand online.

Brand Partnerships

The opportunities that arise when two complelmentary brands connect to create something spectacular are in abundance. Let us connect you with the right partners to reach a different audience and maximise on momentum.

B2B Communications

With the required language and tone of voice, coupled with industry insight, we can target desired businesses with creative tactics to drive sales, raise your profile, or simply shout about your successes amongst industry peers.

Influencer Engagement

Want those social wiz-kids spreading the word about your brand with a simple image shared online? We can help with that.


Sponsoring an event or organisation can be a quick way to reach your target market. We can get you into the right events at the right time to ensure you reap the brand awareness benefits.